Ballingslöv International is wholly owned by Stena Adactum AB.

Board of Directors

Board members selected by staff associations

  • Hakan_Ericsson

    Håkan Ericsson

    Board Member since 1999

  • Ronny_Nilsson

    Ronny Nilsson

    Board Member since 1998

  • margit

    Margit Petersén

    Alternate Board Member (Employee Representative)

  • Aldo_Manno

    Aldo Manno

    Alternate Board Member (Employee Representative)

Group Executive Board

  • anders

    Anders Wassberg

    CEO and Managing Director Ballingslöv International AB

  • petergustafsson

    Peter Gustafsson

    Chief Production Officer Ballingslöv International AB

  • lars

    Lars Bay-Smidt

    Business Area Director Ballingslöv International AB

  • magnus

    Magnus Hegdal

    Chief Financial Officer Ballingslöv International AB

  • staffan

    Staffan Jönsson

    Chief Sourcing Manager Ballingslöv International AB

  • Henric_Fransson

    Henric Fransson

    Managing Director at Ballingslöv AB

  • JPP

    Jens-Peter Poulsen

    Managing Director at Kvik A/S

Other important position holders

  • eric-prescott

    Eric Prescott

    Managing Director at Paula Rosa Manhattan

  • LarsLangkjaer

    Lars Langkjaer

    Managing Director at DFI-GEISLER A/S

  • JKE_VD_Claus-Beier

    Claus Beier

    Managing Director at JKE Design A/S

  • michael-overso

    Michael Oversø

    Managing Director at Multiform A/S